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    HTPCs (Home Theater PCs)

HTPCs are PCs designed for your living room. You can record your favorite shows, (TIVO without fees). Not only that, but they will play and record on DVD. Surf the internet on your television. Store your entire music collection. Play your music, videos, and other media through your home theater system, or throughout your house. See PC Systems.

      Purchase, Set Up, Integrate

Get help picking high value, reliable home theater items for your needs. Get help setting up your new system or leave it to us. Integrate your various gear and maximize the quality of picture and sound. Training to teach you how to use your valuable equipment.

        -Set up and program your new hdtv for the best picture.
        -Become an iTunes and iPod expert.
        -Use one remote instead of four.
        -Learn to burn DVDs with custom menus and edits.
        -Transfer your CDs to your hard drive.
        -Set up a media network.

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